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Jason Rose ministers in outreach, discipleship, education and humanitarian aid with Chosen People Ministries in Tel Aviv, Israel.


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Jason is invited periodically to speak in congregations either to preach sermons, teach seminars and classes or share with small groups. Typical topics include: How to the Gospel with your Jewish friends, Messiah in the Passover, The Fall Feasts of Israel, Messianic Prophecy, Israel in Prophecy and more.

If you would like to receive a full list of topics or invite Jason to speak in your church or gathering, please contact us!  

Tours to Israel

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the land of Israel with your own eyes as you are guided by a local believer in Yeshua (Jesus)! Join Jason and Janice Rose on a tour of Israel! See the land, serve the people, grow in your faith and understanding of the Bible. This tour is designed to have an uplifting effect on your faith as we walk where Yeshua walked, stand where the ancient kings stood and reflect where the ancients prophets spoke.

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Jason is the manager of our Greater Tel Aviv Messianic Center in Israel. He is a Bible teacher, worship leader and evangelist. He is always striving to find new and effective ways to share the Gospel with Israelis.

He grew up in a Jewish home in Minnesota and became a believer through the strong testimony of a family member. He has a BA in Jewish Studies from Moody Bible Institute in Chicago and a Masters degree from Liverpool University.

Jason and his wife Janice serve the Lord together as a ministry family with their children. Their ministry ignites the vision for Israeli believers to share the Gospel with others, by providing opportunities for believers and non-believers to meet in a friendly environment. At the Messianic Center, we have Bible studies, outreaches, classes, courses and small conferences.

Jason regularly visits the USA and is often invited to teach and preach in local congregations especially on the topics of Israel, Messianic Prophecy and how to share the Gospel with Jewish people.

See Jason's full bio on the Chosen People Ministries main site here.

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